Back to School

If you have kids who are heading back to school or university in September, you know that this time is not only stressful but expensive! From books to uniforms, stationery, books, backpacks, supplies, and electronics, cash can get quite tight at this time. At AAR Financial, we help families all the time, deal with this time of year and give a little breathing room in the financial department. As parents, you always want to get your children off to a strong start to the school year, and all these things are tools to help your loved ones on that path.

Whatever the need you require for your child to have a great start to the term we are here to help with a tailored back to school loan solution for you. Once you’ve completed an application with us and have been approved, a back to school loan with affordable payments, is sent home with you.

To apply for a school expense loan, click here to start your application. Once this is done, we will get in touch with you to finalize your application. We welcome single parents, pensioner applications, those who are in a consumer proposal, new to Canada, bad credit, and no credit. All you need to get started is proof of income as well as government issued ID.


Apply in Person
Stop by our branch at 1590 St Mary’s Road and ask to speak with a Loan Officer.

Apply by Phone
Contact the Lending Center at (204) 667 2200

Apply Online
Apply online at www.aarfinancial.ca/applynow