Have fun in the sun this summer and stay on budget!

As Canadians, we make the most of our summer months as they are so scarce, but that shouldn’t come at an enormous cost and burn a hole in our wallet!

There are many ways you can enjoy summer and the warm weather without worrying about spending lots of money. Here are some great ideas for enjoying the long days, all summer long!


  1. Visit a Park or beach

Visiting a park or a beach is a great way to take advantage of the summer sun and also stay on budget. Grab a towel, a bathing suit and make sure to pack the sunscreen and head over to the water and enjoy the day! Invite your friends and family and make it into a reunion. This year, in celebrating of Canada’s 150th birthday, all Canadian parks are offering free admission from coast to coast. Take a look here for one closest to you! (https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np)


  1. Get outside and stay active

Living in Canada, we are constrained by the amount of good weather we have that we can spend outside, so take advantage this summer. Grab a friend and a bike or some roller blades and enjoy the warm sun.


  1. Make crafts

There are many DIY crafts that you can do with your friends and family, and if you are looking for ideas, Pinterest is the place to go. An inexpensive place to get supplies is the dollar store where they also have full craft kits. Take a trip over to your nearest Dollar store and see what goodies you can find!


  1. Explore local festivals

The summer months bring lots of local street festivals as well as cultural festivals to all cities. Learn about a new culture or enjoy some free bands that are playing this summer. Take a look here (https://www.todocanada.ca/festivals-in-canada/) for some great festivals, Canada wide.


  1. Visit your local public pool

There are many local pools that the public can attend which takes up a whole day of fun in the sun! Grab your floaties and some sunscreen and enjoy a day of swimming, or tanning and save on your monthly budget.


  1. Be a tourist in your hometown

Every city has their secret hideaways; they need to be found! Head out in your car and explore more about your city and you will be amazed on the things that you can find out!


  1. Go to a movie or concert in the park

In the summer months, local parks usually host movie nights or concerts in the parks in the evening time. Gather your friends and a blanket and enjoy an evening at the park!


  1. Attend a local museum or art gallery

Most cities have museums and art galleries that can be checked out, and they also have specific days/evenings that are free or a discounted rate. Take a look here (https://www.todaysparent.com/family/activities/best-museums-and-art-galleries-in-canada/) for a list of museums and art galleries Canada-wide.