Halloween Savings

It’s October! Which means it’s time for fall and the holidays that come with it – Halloween and Thanksgiving, concentrating on what your children are going to dress up as, and how much that is going to cost you! Before letting your bank account spook you, check out these tips and tricks and remember Halloween doesn’t necessarily need to cost you so much even if you plan on purchasing costumes for your kids. Check out these seven ways that you can cut costs on your children’s costumes this Halloween.

  1. Reuse last year’s costume – If the costume you bought last year for your child still fits, don’t let that go to waste and reuse it! Assuming you bought it big and your child is younger, they most likely won’t mind wearing the same costume again and won’t have much say in what they dress up as! Even for older kids, last year’s costume could be salvageable and parts of it can be used again and be repurposed into a different costume for this year. Be creative and play around with the different parts and pieces, and if you have multiple kids bits and pieces can we switched around and used across the board!
  2. Checkout what you have in your child’s closet – With a little imagination, it is easy to put together costumes from the clothing that your child currently has in their closet. With the simplest clothing and the right accessories and makeup, costumes can be created from nothing and there are many ideas online to help you think of something! Use platforms such as Pinterest and Google as a resource to find creative ideas, and don’t forget to check your closet too for any additions that can add to your child’s outfit!
  3. Find a costume that can be used all year long – If you’re looking to buy your child a new Halloween costume, consider clothing that can be worn all year round and double as everyday clothing and a Halloween costume. Articles of clothing such as many kid pajamas with a few accessories and makeup can be turned into a creative Halloween costume. Skeleton or superman pajamas are always a safe bet and can be worn all year long, making the purchase well worth your money.
  4. Shop Late! – Be a smart shopper and search for your child’s Halloween costume late! Most costume retailers wait until the end of the month, closest to Halloween to offer the most generous deals on costumes. Many stores offer great deals on their remaining Halloween inventory as the days closer to Halloween approach and they try to clear out their shelves. If you are not picky about what costume your child wears, holding off on buying a costume closer to Halloween is always an option to consider!
  5. Sharing is Caring! – If your little ones aren’t able to switch costumes with each other, consider swapping some costumes with friends! Host a little play date or swap party and get together with some of your friends and share costumes which will help you save! Kids can enjoy trying on each other’s costumes and see what can be swapped for what.
  6. Second Hand Costumes – There are many thrift stores and garage sales out there that carry a vast inventory of Halloween costumes. Some costumes that may not be available in the market anymore! These can be great resources for finding cheap Halloween costumes for your little ones and won’t put a huge dent in your bank account!
  7. Homemade costumes – If you’re crafty and creative, making a homemade costume may just be your calling! There are tons of patterns online

Don’t forget that Halloween should be a fun time for your kids and shouldn’t break the bank! You can generally find the best deals on Halloween costumes and candy on the final few days before Halloween so plan ahead! And Happy Halloween from AAR Financial!