AAR Financial Now Does Business Loans

At AAR Financial. We now do business loans! Are you a new business owner or operator ready to begin your new journey? In today’s market, business loans are hard to come by for most small businesses or newcomers to the field. Banks aren’t interested in supporting them and businesses cannot grow effectively without this type of capital. AAR Financial has now expanded into the business loans realm to fill this gap. We want to see small businesses grow!

Whether yours is a new business or an existing and established enterprise, AAR Financial would like to hear from you to see how we can help. If you have an immediate need, a short-term goal or an ambitious project in the pipeline, we can help you move forward with the right business loan. With options of loans up to $50,000 with a term up to 7 years. Interest rates range from 14.9% to 44.9% depending on the underwriting details. Larger loans, understandably, are usually in the lower range.

Give us a call at (204) 667-2200 or visit us in person at 1590 St. Mary’s to discuss your options.