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HOME IMPROVEMENT LOANFinally get that upgraded kitchen you want or fix that roof of yours.

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I am very happy with the service I received from AAR Financial. They helped me to pay off my collections and improve my credit score !! The application process was pretty straightforward and easy. The loan officer was very polite enough to explaining all documents. Thank You.

Karin E
Current AAR Financial Customer, AAR Financial-Marion

Owning a home is wonderful, but also comes with responsibilities and the maintenance of keeping the home in tip-top shape. Maintaining a house can get expensive, whether it be flooding damage, a problem with the roof, these problems cannot be anticipated, and need to be fixed fast! We have excellent financing solutions for if these problems arise, as well as if you are building a new home or renovating your property. If you are looking to get that new driveway you’ve always wanted, or redo the backyard as you saw in a magazine, we have options for you.

A simple home renovation loan is easily attainable from AAR. 

  • Remodel your kitchen or bathroom(s)
  • New outdoor deck or garden
  • Add new furniture or appliances
  • Home Repairs









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